What is Guided Weight?

Guided Weight is a first weight loss journey dashboard built around your calorie daily intake. It included a multitude of predictive, motivational and accountability features that together keep you on track.

What to Expect When Starting With Guided Weight?

When you hit the “Start My Journey” button after signing up, the system runs your current weight, age, and gender through multiple algorithms and generates an entire projection for the entire journey. You will be given access to your own dashboard where you will find all of the data relevant to your journey: numbers of days to target, weight loss forecast, caloric intake suggestion.

Can I Pause My Guided Weight Journey?

No. Once you started your journey it’s full speed ahead - no stops. But if you feel like you want to start again, you can request a reset. In the case of the reset, you will start from day one again. Let's do everything to avoid it. All of your Photos, Meals, To-Do list and other customization will be transferred to your new journey.

Is Guided Weight Free?

For now - yes. But soon it will cost $199 one time access fee.

How to Sign Up for Guided Weight?

Click Here and use registration code MYGW2020