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My 5 Favorite Features on Guided Weight

Guided Weight has many features that may get your weight loss journey a success. Here are some of my favorites that I personally find very helpful.

1. No Pause Button

Once you start your journey there is no way to pause it. It gives my journey the resemblance of a moving train in the sense that it is unstoppable and uncompromising. It forces me to be consistent with my food choices, caloric deficit, and mental work daily without skipping a bit.

Before Guided Weight my journey had no structure. Every day could be the day I could go off the rail. That would usually start a week or two of weight gain that would be very hard to stop and recover from.
With Guided Weight, the effort I’ve put on is so much more visually palpable. Guided Weight allows for a reboot, so the user can start again from day one, but when you are on a day number 30 of your journey, getting back to zero is painful enough to have me to deal with anything I struggling with and move forward.

2. Finish Line Date

I love knowing my Finish Line date - Sep 30th, 2020. I know it has no meaning beyond being a symbolic one. I might get to my weight goal sooner, or it will take me more time to get there. But knowing that such a date exists and it is coming no matter what I do makes my goal more real and it adds some sense of urgency to my journey today.

3. Projected Weight

It is always nice to see how well I am doing when comparing my current weight with my projected weight for the same period. I can see if I am behind my projected weight and give an extra push. If I am in step with my Projected Weigh I fill confident and it motivates me to press forward.

4. Calorie Bank

Calire Bank lets you treat your caloic deficit like money. You can spend it, save it, ancure nevative ballance and repay in the following days. Before Guided Weight I treated each binge day as a dissaster. It put so much stress on me that it could easliy derail me off my journey. Now the Calie Bank shows me my balance and the options I have to reduce in upcoming days. 

5. Gross Lost and Gross Gained weight

Weight loss is not linear. You lose some, you gain some, and in the end, what matters is that the losses prevail. But with a standard tracking what is lost is the accumulated sum of all the losses. As I write this post I have lost 11.3 lb in 34 days. But looking at the gross numbers reveals that my cross loss is actually 22.3 lb. If not for my gross gains of 11 pounds I would be many feathers ahead towards my goal.