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My Timeline

Days to go 182

My Plan

In the next 20 days I will get closer to 195. I am going to eat at the suggested level, once a day. I will keep an eye on the calorie bank and be in the green. I will go to the gym every day but Sunday and train with the group twice a week!

My Affirmations

Read this affirmations daily. They will help your to acquire the right state of mind to stay on course. You can add and edit your own affirmations.

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To-Do Checklist

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Reasons Why

Read this list daily to remind yourself why you are on this journey. You can add and manage your own list.

I want to avoid getting a heart attack, diabetes and other sickness that comes with the obesity at my age.
I want to live longer so I can be a part of my son's life when he is an adult and has his own family.

My Photos

My Meals Library

Photograph and document your favorite meals. Use it as an idea bank when you need help deciding on your next meal.